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The Galicia Jewish Museum: ul. Dajwor 18

The Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow is situated on ul. Dajwor not more than a two minute walk from ul. Szeroka.  The museum, which is housed in a stylishly renovated former Jewish factory, is another example of what could be termed a renaissance in Jewish culture in Kazimierz.  It definitely isn't a museum in the traditional sense, being modern, vibrant, and a focal point for education and entertainment.

The museum contains a photographic exhibition called "Traces of Memory".  The culmination of twelve years of work, the exhibition traces the influence and importance of Jewish culture in Poland, as well as its ultimate destruction during the Holocaust and the Second World War.  The philosophy and approach of the exhibition is best explained by the museum itself:

"This is not an historical exhibition in the conventional sense. We are not showing old pre-war photographs; on the contrary what we are showing are contemporary photographs with the intention of showing what can be seen about the past.

We have divided the exhibition into five sections, corresponding to different ways in which the subject can be approached: sadness in confronting ruins; interest in the original culture; horror at the process of destruction; and recognition of the efforts to preserve the traces of memory. We end with a section showing some of the people who are involved, in different ways, with recreating and preserving the memory of the Polish Jewish past."

In line with its unique approach the museum carries out many other functions.  On a regular basis it hosts educational nights, films, talks, dance classes, in fact anything the museum believes will be of interest both to people who live in Krakow and its visitors.  There's also a bookshop specializing in the Holocaust and Jewish life and a café stocked with kosher products.  The museum can also be hired out with full catering facilities.

Worth an hour (or two) of anyone's time, the museum is open Monday to Sunday from 9.30am to 5pm.  Tickets cost 7zl for adults and 5zl for students.

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