Jewish Krakow
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Bars & Nightlife

Many a Krakovian will tell you that they prefer Kazimierz to the main market square, which they'll usually put down to Kazimierz's unique atmosphere, but it's also far less touristy and thankfully tends to attract far fewer stag parties.

It's almost impossible to accurately categorise the bars and clubs in Kazimierz but we've decided on the following categories to help visitors find what they want: modern/contemporary, atmospheric/mysterious, themed (no, no Irish bars!), river bars and nightclubs. 

Our picture galleries will certainly give you an idea of the differences between them; the modern bars go with comfortable seats and soft lighting, and the mysterious tend to focus on the candle lit approach, while the themed bars focus on a specific style or idea.

The river Vistula is only a fifteen minute walk from Kazimierz and is another option for a beer or something to eat, the ideal place for a summer stroll along the river bank

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